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Miss Lethologica

A Form of Psychological Bloodletting

12 October 1988
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"...and I came upon a luminous world of white fur, of knives slashing, of tortured shards of glass,where the women and men are beautiful, where the sounds of their bodies crackling as they self-immolate are like the sounds of a delicately figured music box, where pain is sweet and nurturing, where imagination chokes you like a noose."
-- Michael Gira
'80s music, 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, abnormal psychology, aching beauty, alexander mcqueen, allegories, alt fashion, ancient greece, androids, animal skull jewelry, animals, anna karina, antiseptic fashion, architecture, aristocrats, art deco, arts and crafts, bandages, bizarre things, black and white photography, black twisted branches, burlesque, cabinet of dr caligari, cats, cello, circus arts, classic literature, cocteau twins, corsets, creative writing, creativity, cult movies, cyberpunk, dark art, dark cabaret, dark romanticism, david lynch, deer, dita von teese, eclecticism, electronic music, elegance, emilie autumn, ethereal, f scott fitzgerald, fairy tales, film noir, flappers, fragility, freaks, french new wave, german expressionism, ghost stories, goth culture, gothic lit, haunting beauty, headdresses, high fashion, history, holocaust, horror, industrial music, interiority, jack the ripper, jhonen vasquez, john galliano, kristamas klousch, lace, little red riding hood, lolita, love, lovecraftian horror, macabre, madness, marie antoinette, medical imagery, melancholia, mindbending movies, modernism, musings, mythology, nature, neo-victorianism, philosophy, pink, plague masks, poetry, polarities, polish poster art, pop surrealism, post-apocalyptic fiction, queens, quotations, rasputina, razor-sharp wit, reading, religious horror, retro, sadomasochism, sarcasm, sci-fi, serial killers, silent movies, steampunk, stockings, surrealism, sylvia plath, taxidermy, tenderness, the dresden dolls, the future, the past, the sandman graphic novels, third-wave feminism, vampires, vania zouravliov, verbal vomit, victorian era, vintage clothing, vintage medical illustrations, violent emotions, visceral, whimsy